Will the Machines take over real estate? Rehumanize

May 17, 2019



That was some crazy weather we had end of last week and into the weekend. Most of you know it kept me in Denver a full day longer than planned. It seems I have a knack for difficulty with travel. I was in Denver attending the Rehumanize conference put on by BombBomb. I was there with some of the most prominent video influencers in the real estate industry. Overriding takeaway from the conference is that personal video is rehumanizing. It puts you, the messenger, back into your messages. 


One of the biggest issues I see in my office is quick text messages back and forth that lack context, voice inflection, hand movement, eye contact, etc. It leaves the recipient to decipher the text. Almost always it leads to conflict that may have been avoided. "Nonverbal communication adds nuance, shagin, and depth of meaning to all communication, and strictly verbal media - email, text messaging - deprives us of most of that." (from the book Nonverbal Communication: Science and Applications). A quick video text message adds you being you back into the message. 


It was particularly fun for me to see all the people there legitimately were on the same page as we are. It doesn't matter what team you play for but we all play at the highest level and are seriously interested in keeping the machines from taking us over by differentiating with relationships and value. Video keeps your face in front of your clients. 


There were some very interesting people I met there. Kyle WhisselChristophe ChooKelly LeClairJudy WeinigerMichael ThorneJesse Peters, and Kris Lindahl. I may have missed a few but you get the gist. I have linked to most of their YouTube channels. They are present on other media as well, but communicate with customers and the public primarily through video. I have a ton of takeaways, tips, tools, and tricks. I think for those interested we may put together some content for some classes. Bottom line, like most things, is just get started. If we can help, we are here.




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October 25, 2017

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