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April 9, 2019

I was reminded this week of a quote from Ross Perot "An entrepreneur is someone who is grateful for the progress that has been made and simultaneously dissatisfied with the rate they are making it." I was interviewed by Brooke Choate (referral agent and daughter of Teresa Choate-RMXBMT) for her entrepreneur class at Lamar. She is approaching graduation and the interview is a requirement for the class. I have to admit, I was a little nervous initially with the prospect of being a "businessman" she would want to interview. One of her professors is Jeff Dyson, who is a wonderful example of entrepreneurial success with M&D Supply Company. He was one of the first calls I made when I got into the RE/MAX business. I literally said to him "I have no idea what I am doing, I need help." You may be able to see how I was a bit nervous knowing the interview might be read by him.

As we talked and I went through some history and took stock of where we are now and the accolades you have received, I had a bit of a proud moment. The nervousness went away a little. Sometimes the constant moving forward and trying to improve needs to be tempered with a pause and some recognition of the journey that got us to right now. David Goggins, known to many as the toughest man alive, says it wasn't until he was forced to stop that he took stock of all he had overcome and accomplished and he was able to relax for a moment. It enabled him to keep going and pursue more things.


As we conclude the first quarter of 2019, it's okay to pause for a moment, acknowledge your progress, gather yourself and keep going.


So I have a challenge for you. One of our agents did a CMA for someone and received the following list of questions. Interview questions. I have copied them exactly. Please know our agent signed the listing agreement and is moving forward on the sale of the house. I think this is a great practice for all of us to answer these questions and get inside the head of a real potential seller. When you are able to get inside the head of a potential seller you can answer these questions ahead of time when you are making a presentation, you can make a FAQ page to hand to a potential listing, you can write a social media post on each question or a "Did you know?" post. I love this type of information because it really helps us get to know ourselves and helps us separate from typical. Also notice he doesn't ask about anything other than the questions (experience, number of sales, length in the business, etc.) until the very last question.

Her answer was simple:


"I am a full time residential agent who truly enjoys working for and serving my clients needs. I'm fortunate to be a part of RE/MAX ONE Beaumont because of the support I receive not only from my broker, but, from my co-workers. We are like minded and strive to exceed the needs of our clients."


Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed "The Great One" in hockey, famously said about his game "I don't skate where the puck is, I skate to where the puck is going." Being able to anticipate and take action, productive action, I think is the key to the future. What could make a client trust you more than you providing answers to questions ahead of time?


Since I seem to have a tennis analogy now that I am taking Sarah to tennis every week, you have to constantly be moving your feet, watching the other side of the court anticipating where the ball is going to be hit and move there. 


Take a moment to answer these questions and I will see you in class!

  1. What is Suggested price range for the property based on location and improvements?

  2. What does REMAX offer as support/assistance/services for seller​?​

  3. Does REMAX coordinate with Title Company (most likely will be Stewart Title) in full, partial or none​?​

  4. Who will be the Team assisting myself (Broker, Agent, etc), and will I have full-time (morning/afternoon/early evening) assistance as applicable​?​

  5. Does REMAX provide a list of recommended things to do at property prior to listing​?​

  6. Does REMAX provide professional photos for listing and does REMAX provide computer simulation of furniture for the empty rooms ?  Does seller get to review all before using for listing​?​

  7. What is cost 4.5% ~ 6% range​?​

  8. What time frame does REMAX predict from listing to reasonable offer on property​?​

  9. Will seller (myself) and REMAX have a contract and what are options for duration/expiry of Contract​?​

  10. Will meeting be arranged (phone/video conference/in-person) to discuss Contract​?​

  11. What does REMAX offer that other realtor companies don’t​?​

  12. Does REMAX provide assistance/paperwork as if any TAX will result from liquid gains on sale (Property has been my primary residence since Mid-2015 until now)​​

  13. Anything else you can advise that I may have missed?

Have a great week!

#onward #worlddom #staycurious


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October 25, 2017

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