Focus on the Process, not the Shiny Object

April 8, 2019

RE/MAX ONE closed 3,089 transaction sides and averaged 23 transactions per agent on 2018. This puts us #2 in the State of Texas and #286 for the United States for all real estate companies. This year's survey represents the most comprehensive collection of data assembled on the leaders of the residential brokerage industry. Numbers are documented by outside accounting firms and/or MLS reports. It took 1,992 transactions to be included in this year's REAL Trends 500, up from a minimum of 1,899 transactions a year ago. For the 9th consecutive year, RE/MAX had more brokerages qualify for the REAL Trends 500 than any other brand. Of the 1,757 participating U.S. brokerages that closed more than 500 transaction sides last year and qualified for the annual report, 559 are with RE/MAX. Pretty cool, huh? So proud to be on this team.


This is a great segue for an observation I have made over the course of the last few months. I have observed a lot of companies looking to provide agents with a quick fix. They are touting real estate agents will be eaten by the machines (technology). Fortunately they will provide you with just the technology to make you successful by generating leads for you. Typically they charge low fees and encourage you to charge low fees, in some instances advertise it to the public. Redfin actually hires Realtors as employees to chase down leads and try and close them, while charging sellers 1%. eXp mentions nothing about selling real estate and touts if you recruit so many people you will have passive income for the rest of your life, huge income. There is a lot they leave out of that story. I also have a whole separate video on passive income and my experience with it. Get with me if you want to hear it. 


There are some of us that are concerned the machines will come get us. I say look no further than the RealTrends ranking of your company and take note of our many conversations revolving around "The market does not, and will not, determine my income." Discipline, consistency, patience, willingness to endure....All these things lead us not to a scarcity mindset but to an abundant mindset. What does that mean? When we look at the quick fix and become lead focused, I'm not saying it cannot be a component of your business, but when leads from the machine are all we are focused on we become passive and are waiting on the lead. We then have to spontaneously react when something comes in, we are dependent on the market end up losing control of our business. You become typical. So you have lowered expenses, lowered fees, and no control over your business, but the fees are lower.

Looking at who you are, you make investments in your business. You are opportunity focused. When I say opportunity I mean, you create a relationship that probably leads to multiple deals down the road. You take intentional action on a daily basis that forms habits. These habits make your business completely driven by your behavior and puts you firmly in charge. Empowering!

Keep an eye on what is going on, use the technology to gain efficiencies, strengthen relationships and continue on your path to fund the life you want to live!


Onward to constantly improving and consistently creating opportunities on a daily basis in our business.



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October 25, 2017

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