90 Day Cycle of Real Estate

November 1, 2017



The service for Julie Eggert, our friend and our colleague is set for this Friday at 1:00 at Claybar Funeral Home on 11th St. 


Some might ask, a business plan at the end of October? Yes, over the course of the last few years I have noticed that the first two months of the year cash flow is down. Understanding that most of us realize we work in 60-90 day cycles. Meaning, action you are taking today will pay off 2-3 months from now. The flip side being what you don't do will cause cash flow problems in 2-3 months.


That’s why it’s important to complete your 2017 business planning now. Well before the start of the New Year so that when Jan. 1 rolls around, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.


But a warning: Don’t just review a draft of your business plan, tell yourself you’ll complete it in October and carry on with your day. Commit to business planning and then get it done! We will help you along the way, we will have a half day business planning session in the next few weeks and will notify in plenty of time to prepare for it.


Also, consider how you’ll connect with current and future clients during all the parties, gatherings and events that take place between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. These celebrations present ideal opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and create some new ones to grow your business in the year ahead.


Think about sending your holiday cards just before Thanksgiving to arrive shortly after, that gives you the opportunity to be the first card displayed on the refrigerator all the way through the holiday season. Send to your 'A' group and had address the cards. Makes it that much more personal.


Plan for 2018 right now. Complete your business plan, start hand writing your holiday cards and know that with real estate on a 90-day cycle, for us in this industry, the new year has already begun.


Make it a great week!













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October 25, 2017

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