Lessons Learned From My Teenage Son

October 16, 2017

Welcome to the Foxworth household. I do recognize I must be an "interesting" person to live with and sometimes we can actually learn from each other. This weekend's lesson comes from teenage son Jay.


1. Find some time without distractions.


2. Set the day with reflection, then a plan


3. Take Action on the plan with consistency. Consistency is the mother of mastery


All the answers for anything we want are out there. It is up to us to take action. What are you going to take action on today?


If you find yourself with a stretch of time where you can relax, make sure you use it as an opportunity to contemplate the current state of your mind and body. Make a small change to better your health, shift your mindset toward even greater positivity, think about ways you can be more productive in the week ahead. When you next sit down to work, you’ll be glad you made good use of your time off.


Oh and the link to the DISC test can be found here. They will retarget you on the internet but we have found that we don't pay attention to those things anyway. When you get yours, let's compare!


Cheers to a great week!



#Onward #worlddom


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Rebuild Texas - Governor's site for updates regarding Harvey - Great to share with your clients, affected or not that want to keep up with what is going on. Also, the infographic below is a bill that was signed by the President week before last that has not gotten any attention but may be information you can give employer clients or those that give to non-profits up to the amount they can get a tax deduction. Really good stuff in that bill.

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October 25, 2017

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